College Canes NEW KU Offset Cane with Stadium Bag


College Canes NEW KU Offset Cane with Stadium Bag

This is the new Kentucky Cane! It is a blue offset cane that has an attached Stadium Bag with strap including the logo.

Who wouldn't want to support your school on game day or everyday any way possible? Well, now you can even walk with the officially licensed Kentucky University Offset walking cane with stadium bag.

These canes are American made, assembled by utilizing the VA Hospital Compensated Work Therapy program. The program enables veterans with both physical and mental disabilities to recover and regain independence, self-esteem and stability.

The canes are adjustable in height ranging between of 31.5" to 39.5", durable UV and scratch resistant coating, proprietary anodized finish, weight capacity of 250lbs, and 100% Made in U.S.A by those that served our country.