GRIP-ON LIGHT, by Tipsee, fits 3/4\"-1\" cane, and MORE....


GRIP-ON LIGHT, by Tipsee, fits 3/4"-1" cane, and MORE....

TIPSEE brand Grip-On Light - Ultra long life, Bright White LED light

Extremely Durable - Water Resistant

Replaceable battery included.

EZ Flex Grips - Flexible feet grip rounded surfaces - like walking canes! Will fit onto 3/4-1" diameter cane shafts... or even your fingers for close-in work...

Has top clip, which slides the light onto the brim of a baseball hat or other thin surfaces...

Also has hook - L-shaped feet that allow you to slide over thin surfaces to shine light exactly where you need it...

On/Off Switch

Our Grip light is the handiest portable light in the world. This versatile light acts like a third hand, but what is unique is we replaced the tip switch with a standard on/off switch. The ability to have constant light makes work easier by placing light where you need it, allowing you to use two hands without casting shadows on your work. The TipSee features three ways to attach to most anything. Just ‘Grip, Clip or Hook” it onto whatever you need.   Grip it to hand tools, boat brooms, grill tools, canes, fishing poles or a finger. Wherever you need a concentrated beam of white light, have full use of your hands with the TipSee Light. It’s the handiest light in the world and like no other on the market. The grip light still features our super tough case that is virtually waterproof, perfect for use around flammable liquids or high moisture areas. Our super bright LED light last over 50,000 hours and uses a common A23 battery good for 48 hours of continuous use. With 1000s of uses from repairing wiring in a boat to installing a ceiling light at home the TipSee grip light should be in every tool kit. 

Following unique features:

  1. Super bright white light LED, Lasts 50,000+
  2. Battery life, over 48 hours of continuous use
  3. Virtually waterproof
  4. Durable, indestructible, one piece shell
  5. 3 attachment options “Grip, Clip or Hook” excellent for griping round objects
  6. Swiss engineered
  7. Easy on-off switch
  8. Replaceable battery