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Honor our service members with an army, navy, coast guard, air force or marine corps walking stick! we also have usa flag-topped, republican and democrat themes, among others.......

We also carry a large variety of tippler's, bottle, flask canes with silver or gold brass handles! and skull walking canes are plentiful now, so don't wait!

Parades, parties, family gatherings, celebrations! Need a walking cane, or a jaunty companion that takes your look up a notch? Glad to help! And yes, we have fancy canes suitable for groomsmen, ushers, and guests!

We no longer carry adult walkers, rollators, commodes or their accessories. We continue to carry child size walkers, though.

Those canes with Genuine Ebony shafts, those at extra-long lengths, or with gorgeous Sterling Silver, Alpacca Silver, or 14ct Gold Handles, on Rosewood, or Ebony or Maple shafts..... takes about a week to make these, and ship them on Fridays from NY.

International orders are shipped from the USA, so you have to allow the time to assemble it (about 1 week), plus the time to arrive  in our hands, before it can ship outside USA.

Please know that shipment costs to USA addresses are calculated based on weight and size of boxes, how far from the USA origin they travel to you, and how fast you need your order.

Concord Lane - Handcrafted Walking Sticks by Concord - Made in Italy

OUR NEWEST LINE OF CANES - CLICK ON THE 'STORE' BUTTON AT TOP OF PAGE - IF YOU DON'T SEE ONE YOU LIKE, PLEASE ASK - we are adding to this line every day... themes of wild and domestic animals, Victorian, Westerns, classic derby and fritz handles, Sterling, Gold and Silver plate handles, and fantastic UMBRELLA CANES!

Canes Galore's 18th year online

Established 01.01.1998

We aim to please you, the customer, with our personal service!

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FREE SHIPPING is via UPS ground or USPS Priority/Parcel Post/First Class Mail to USA only,  (we choose the method)...FASTER, expedited shipping must be paid in full... contact us with any questions.

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NEW POLICY regarding 3rd parties

We are no longer accepting orders from 3rd party medical suppliers under any circumstances, due to abuse of the privilege by some.


SPECIAL NOTE: We now have a Pediatric/Youth section, to make it easier to find needed items for smaller people, such as pediatric quad canes, pediatric walkers, pediatric canes, and accessories - click on STORE button at top of page to see that sub-heading.

MILITARY ACTIVE DUTY/VETERANS and POLICE, FIRE FIGHTERS, EMTs and other Service Personnel - The discount code for 2015 is available by emailing [email protected] - new one every year. Tell us about your service in order to qualify for the Discount Code ... it is changed every year, but you are 'good to go' forever! And yes, it discounts SALE PRICES, also! If you forgot , just ask! ... and thank you for all you do/have done for us!

Email [email protected] with description of what you are looking for in: walking cane, hiking stick, cane holder, wrist strap, quad cane, offset cane, able tripod base, collectible cane, concord walking stick, novelty walking stick, fancy dress cane, cane stand, dog cane, cat cane, horse cane, bird cane, holiday cane, support cane that looks elegant, child size walker, child crutches, pediatric quad cane or folding blind cane - among many other mobility aid choices - and I will do my best to answer you quickly. Use the search box to search for colors, like pink, purple, black or brown.... or woods, like oak, blackthorn, ash, maple or hickory....or metals like brass, alpacca silver, sterling silver, 14 kt gold....

CARBON FIBER WALKING CANES ARE HERE - both folding and straight styles carbon fiber lightweight derby canes, for women and men. Same 'carbon fiber' used to make NASCAR cars! Lightest weight walking canes on the market today! Check them out in the Derby Cane section - or put 'carbon fiber' in the search box!

Valery and John Lytle, and family, of Canes Galore Inc. and 'Canes For All Walks of Life' eBay store... celebrated 18 years online in 2015. Frank Ferguson, Valery's father, put walking canes for sale online (FIRST WALKING CANE ECOMMERCE STORE IN THE WORLD!) in January 1998 from his storefront, 'Men's Gifts and Canes Galore' in Pleasanton, CA, which closed in 2000. John and Valery Lytle took over the online business in January 2004 (yay! 11th anniversary there!) and were always happy to offer worldwide sales and service - without losing the 'Ferguson personal touch'. Now that legacy has been passed on to our Family Business T&F Brothers, Inc. located in Dallas, TX. We will continue to offer the same great prices and customer service that Canes Galore customers have experienced for the past 18 years. We have a new site coming, and we are looking forward to our big reveal, where we hope to introduce new products and services for our customers.

If you don't see what you want in walking canes, walking sticks, folding canes, travel canes, adjustable walking canes, forearm crutches, wood crutches, hiking staffs, hiking sticks and other mobility aids, email [email protected] or call 1-800-346-6400 10-6 CST.

Wood Canes, Crutches, Customer Service

One-stop shopping has finally found its perfect partner: the most determined, devoted, knowledgeable customer service you'll find. What does that mean for you? It means that when you shop this comprehensive inventory of canes and walking sticks, wood and metal crutches and accessories, you will receive a free generous helping of customer assistance!

We do not have a catalog to mail anymore - please feel free to print up our website pages for future use, and call us anytime with questions about the canes - and please click on the FAQ box at the top of the page (Frequently Asked Questions) for ready answers, especially how to measure yourself for a cane!

NOTE: $10.00 minimum merchandise purchase at all times.

Canes Galore Inc. is a second-generation family-owned and operated business with mobility aids sales, and use, experiences going back to the 1950's -- including our own and family members' personal walking canes, hiking staffs, crutches, and wheelchair use during the past 40+ years.

New items are added often -- all kinds of mobility aids -- come 'in' and see!


Your safety using any of our products is a primary concern. We will request your height and weight in order to fit you properly to a cane for the first time.

Every new cane comes with a rubber tip. Even if the cane has a metal tip, a rubber tip is usually put on over it. The best time to buy replacement tips is at the same time you buy the cane, so we can get you the right size, and save shipping costs!

Canes can be trimmed shorter by us, at NO extra charge. Go to the FAQs button at the top of the page for instructions on how to measure for a cane -- it is best to have a second person to assist, but can be done by yourself. Due to this personalization of the cane, though, canes are non-returnable after being cut or altered in any way.

When you place a large order (size or amount) or want it sent Express, please email or call ahead. WE CAN USUALLY GET IT THERE ON TIME WITH ENOUGH NOTICE. You may need an expedited shipping service.

Ask about discounts for 4 or more walking canes bought together in one shipment!!

WE SHIP WORLDWIDE -- Out-of-USA packages are sent via USPS Express International (recommended), or USPS Priority International, so they can be tracked and insured. All 'outside USA' orders may be paid through Paypal or a VISA/MC/Discover credit card. I will gladly email an invoice through Paypal that will tell you how to sign up for Paypal (it's FREE) and use it. Remember -- Customs may delay your shipment's arrival and/or charge a duty/tax. We are not responsible for those circumstances, nor for any additional taxes, fines, fees, etc. Please check with your delivery agency to find out what to expect upon delivery.

T&F Brothers, Inc. in USA