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CanesGalore -- A Somewhat Brief History

Welcome to CanesGalore.com, home to one of the largest selection of walking canes, walking sticks, staffs, custom canes and other products, mobility aids, home health care items, and accessories!

The new family owned business (T&F Brothers, Inc.) has now taken on the legacy that Canes Galore, Inc has done so amazingly well over the past 18 years. Valery Lytle has been so gracious in her support and help during the transition of the business, I wanted to leave the information about her and her father's legacy for future customers to know. We hope to pass this legacy on to our children one day. We want to assure our repeat and new customers that we really want the best deal for them and that we will do what it takes to meet their needs. Please feel free to follow us on twitter or like us on Facebook!We look forward to working with you!

Jonathan Toombs  

Owner - T&F Brothers, Inc. - CanesGalore.com  

[email protected] 

Spanning two generations and delivering more than a half-century of personal service, Canes Galore is a family business dedicated to offering you the finest custom canes, walking sticks, staffs, mobility aids, accessories, and custom-sized cane products. Formerly located in several Northern California walk-in stores, we’re now celebrating 2012 as our 15th year online at www.canesgalore.com.

CanesGalore.com gives us the flexibility to offer high quality walking canes, staffs, sticks, and custom-sized cane products at excellent prices and with a touch of superior service! We have an ever-changing eclectic variety of durable mobility products including walking staffs, sticks, walkers, books and accessories plus overstocks, one-of-a-kinds, plus some discontinued products.

We carry a wide selection of canes, walking staffs, sticks, walkers, mobility aids, crutches, and accessories on CanesGalore.com, all related to "getting around". We can custom-size many of our products to suite your style. If you can't find the type of canes, walking sticks, or staffs you're looking for, please ask us for help. We are proud to offer you an expanded selection of staffs, sticks and cane products to choose from.

Do you need a cane repaired, an antique cane found, or do you want to commission a custom cane to be made? If we can’t do it ourselves here at Canes Galore, we’ll be happy to refer you to a professional in the field that we’ve worked with in the past.CanesGalore --  A Somewhat Brief HistoryFamily-style service is what you can expect from CanesGalore.com, just ask our past and present customers! We’re dedicated to the ideals and fairness of the Virginia Better Business Bureau and the Better Business Bureau Online.

Canes Galore has a simple return policy for our canes, walking sticks, and staffs; you may return an item (unused) for a refund or exchange within 30 days of purchase. Shipping and handling charges are non-refundable. Custom-sized cane products are not returnable unless there are special circumstances. With any return or exchange, please let us know by phone or email first, and be sure to include a copy of your invoice and order number in the box so we’ll be able to credit you appropriately.

Please feel free to call us at 1-800-346-6400 regarding any problems with your purchase and we’ll try to resolve it for you.

By the way, let me introduce KAYA, Ship’s Cat and Cane Catcher Extraordinaire - my first and only American Bobtail kitty. I was lucky to catch her relaxing for a moment.

Our print catalogs are no longer available - feel free to copy pages off the canesgalore.com website.

You can email me directly at [email protected] with your questions. We’re also available for questions and ordering via phone at 1-800-346-6400.