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How to Measure Your Ideal Walking Stick or Walking Cane

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How to Measure Your Ideal Walking Stick or Walking Cane

Over the years we have received a number of questions such as.  What Size Walking Cane Do I Need?  How to Measure Your Ideal Walking Stick Height.

So in an attempt to help answer those questions we wrote this article, I hope that it helps.

So, you need a Walking Cane? You have come to the right place.

As humans age, our bodies undergo a series of transformations which affect posture, balance and stability. This means that as we grow older, we are going to experience more and more balance issues and mobility problems.

Walking Canes have come a long way over the past couple years, and now are not only extremely stylish accessories (in our humble opinion) but, they also help improve the quality our lives by providing an extra point of contact with the ground. Canes assist with with balance and stability and, when used correctly, are extremely useful in preventing trips and falls.

However, it is extremely important to make sure that you have the correct cane length. For example, if the cane is too long it may be uncomfortable and cause poor posture and soreness. On the other hand, if it is too short, it may not complement your body and as a result fail to serve its intended purpose.

Additionally, it is critical that you take your weight into consideration. Most of our canes have a weight capacity indicated in the product description, and if you do not see the information listed, please feel free to ask. Never buy a cane which may not be strong enough to hold you.

So, how do you determine the right length for a Walking Cane?

Here are a few methods to help you measure the ideal walking stick height:

  1. Ask a Professional: The most accurate and the best way to measure the ideal walking stick height is to ask your medical professional for the correct size. They might also help you determine the best style of handle for your walking stick.
  2. Get Measured: Another way to determine the ideal height for a walking stick is to measure the distance between the floor and your wrists. In order to accomplish this: (a) Stand straight in a relaxed manner with your hands falling to your sides. (b) Have another individual measure the distance between the floor and your wrists. Note: If the cane will be used mostly outside the home, then make sure to wear your typical footwear before the measurement is taken. (c) The distance (inches) between the floor and your wrist is the ideal height of the walking cane that you should get. Please note: If you suffer from a condition that does not permit you to stand upright, then assume your conventional walking position and have a friend measure the distance between the floor and your wrists.
  3. Simple Rule of Thumb: Another method of determining the length needed for a walking cane is to take the user’s height in inches and divide by two. This simple calculation works well for most folks. Using this method, a person 5 foot 9 inches tall (69 inches tall) would typically be comfortable using a 34.5” walking cane. (69”/2 = 34.5 inches.)
  4. Buy an Adjustable: What if the cane is a gift and the giftee’s exact height is not known? In this case, an adjustable walking cane might be a great option. Adjustable walking sticks come with a button push mechanism attached to a spring that causes the cane to adjust itself in one-inch increments. Before using the adjustable cane, it is always advisable to take measurements using one or more of the above methods in order to be safe and to achieve the maximum benefit from the walking aid. This collection of travel canes may be a good place to look:

We hope that this article has been useful in helping you to determine the ideal height for your walking stick, but if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask!

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Tenzin J Jacobs-Hein on

I need canes that are no more than 32 inches long, and actually 31" Long is best. Does this site have canes in that size, or can you custom size them upon ordering ??? It is frustrating finding good designer canes for Shorter Men!

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